1. Small-: Having a small penis can affect man’s life in significant ways, especially if he lets it. Men who fall in the below-average range would have imagined the course of their lives being different with a larger penis. Though at first, it seems like a trivial matter, a lot of men take the issue seriously. Its effects on one’s confidence, relationships, and overall life are also of great importance. For some men, the thought of having a larger penis is short-lived. They don’t invest much into it and so the thought doesn’t go further from just being a fleeting idea. For others, the thought of what life could be with greater manhood is more profound. Hence, the frustration over their small penis can become eventually damaging, to the point of bringing negativity to one’s life. The good news is that there are treatments that men can go through in the present times. For those men who can’t just shake off the feeling of inadequacy over a small penis, these treatments can be the answer for them. There are pills, devices, and more. And the demand is actually pretty high.
  2. Thin – increased surface area of the penis which fills out the vaginal walls much better in a woman. Thus, this study clearly shows that a thick penis does increase sexual satisfaction in both partners, especially in females.Problems during sex: Logically, a thin penis can create several serious problems for men as well. The act of sex, itself, can be severely disturbed and the methods of contraception can be greatly affected. For example, a condom would not really fit on a thin penis and could easily slip off during sex. This could lead to pregnancy and the spread of potential sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Similarly, a thin penis would greatly reduce sexual pleasure
  3. Bending – Minor bend in penis is found in 4% of males above the age of 40 years but it can happen to young people too and particularly to those who are engaged in over masturbation however treatment of such problem is possible. Bend in penis makes penetration very difficult