Sexual problems will lead to loneliness and hostility if you don’t share your feelings with the person you’re with. Since the majority of sexual problems starts in the brain, and are typically the result of stress or anxiety, any treatment has to begin with both partners in it together. Simply sharing the anxiety, stress, and depression with someone is often enough for recovery.

In many cases, simply recognizing stress as a contributing factor or the cause of sexual problems is enough to bring about recovery. Ignoring the problem and not taking steps to eliminate it can lead to anger, emotional disorders, depression, physical illness, and permanent loss of intimacy. The following mind-body suggestions can help recondition the brain and reverse the process before it gets out of control:

Sexual problems can be one of the greatest sources of stress a couple experiences. Becoming impotent or frigid can lead to depression or severe anxiety and cause illnesses that develop into more serious problems. There’s no doubt that many good marriages have broken up because couples didn’t realize the extent to which stress can affect sex.