Sex is not just an action, but it is driven by a complex process that is not easy to guess.Sometimes people get excited by seeing a picture. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is called when the stimulation in the penis is over. Erectation should end after ejaculation (ejaculation) after the sex is completed. Those who find it difficult, they can become irritable and their Confidence levels can also be lower.

Excitement in the gender of men also comes from thought and also by touch. The result is that blood flow to the body in the penis also increases with the body, but it is also necessary to have a proper hormone for stimulation. However, sometimes people become victims of hypocrisy.

It is believed that after 60 years in men and 45 years in women the hormone deficiency starts, which takes time to stimulate them or they can’t get stimulated. Although in many cases it has been seen that some people are able to have sex even after the age of 70.